Part8 - Streaming From HandyCam over HDMI by using Capture Card

So far, I have been working on IP cameras but today I needed to test streaming by using my handy cam over HDMI. Therefore I bought a video capture card (Intensity Shuttle for USB 3.0).

I get HDMI output from my handy cam and HDMI cable is attached to intensity box's HDMI in.

Intensity box's USB out goes to my laptop's USB port. After we connect our cables we need to select the correct format that our camera supports.

I also needed to download a software called Desktop Video 10.8.5 to configure my video format.

 It will install 2 softwares named Black Magic Desktop Video Setup (to configure Intensity's output format)



 and Black Magic Media Express(to configure capture file format). In Media Express, you should see captured video under "Log and Capture Tab".  


 I dont know why but everytime I close OBS encoder, I had to re-add the intensity box as the input.


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