Deploy AutoCAD 2019 as an SCCM Application

First we need to create a deployment image and save it to a shared folder 

Run Setup.exe  > Create Deployment



Give a name to your deployment

Administrative Image Path is the shared folder where we will keep our image at




Enter your license details here. I choose Network because I have a network license manager server in my environment




Select the products you want to include in this image and complete the wizard.



On SCCM Console, Create a Application




 Specify App Details




You can add documentation, icon or highlight the app in Software Center




Click Add to define Deployment Type




Select Script Installer 





Content Location is the shared folder we specified while creating the Deployment Image. 


Installation Program: In the Deployment Image, there is a folder named SMS_SCCM scripts. 

And In that folder there is txt file named <DeplomentName>_SCCM.txt. Below picture shows that file. Just copy the install command which resides at the top of the document and paste it Installation Program like below. 

.\Img\Setup.exe /W /q /I Img\AutoCAD2019.ini /language en-us





Add Clause 



We will check if acad.exe  exists




I will deploy it to users, you can deploy to computers if you want to




No requirements defined




No dependencies exist



Complete the rest of the wizard . Distribute and Deploy the Application.