Conditional Forwarder Configuration

A conditional forwarder is used to forward name queries to specific forwarders based on the domain name contained in the query. Normally in my example, sehir.local domain computers can not resolve names which are belong to test.local domain. We are going to configure conditional forwarder on sehir.local DNS and then name resolution for test.local will be available. 


The laptop device or DNS server on Sehir Domain can not resolve mytestwebsite.test.local address at this moment.


Let's configure Conditional Forwarder on Sehir DNS to resolve names in Test Domain. Open DNS Manager > Right click Conditional Forwarders > New Conditional Forwarder


Enter the DNS Domain to be resolved. Add the IP addresses of the DNS servers on test.local. Don't worry about the X icon, it is normal at this point.

Select "Store this conditional forwarder in Actve Directory" option for automatic replication of the configuration to the other DNS Servers in Sehir Domain.


 Let's try the ping test first from the laptop device which is in sehir domain. Ping test works just fine. 


Finally let's try to reach mytestwebsite.test.local from the laptop device. If that does not work, run ipconfig /flushdns on the laptop device and retry.