How To Change Virtual Network Name of a Failover Cluster

If you need to change the Virtual Network Name or IP address of Windows Failover Cluster. You can follow the procedure below:

 Server Manager > Tools> Failover Cluster Manager > Roles > Under the "Server Name", select the server> open its Properties


 Change the server name and click Apply. Make sure the new name you entered does not exists in DNS forward and reverse lookup zones.

You might also need to clear dns cache on this node by using ipconfig /flushdns, if you were using the same name in your network before.  


Click Yes to Confirm.


 Now we need to take resource Offline and then back to Online.




If you check Active Directory, you can see Virtual Cluster Object Name is also changed. Make sure DNS record is created.

You can test the cluster by moving the role between nodes and trying to reach the shares by using the new virtual name of the cluster role.


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